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HR Specialist /Payroll -Bacau/ Tg.Ocna

Location: Tg.Ocna
Firm Name: Not available
Job County: Bacau
Job Domain: Human Resources/Recruiting
Active from: July 23rd, 2013
Until: July 31st, 2013


- Complies process of Policy statement Integrated System, operational procedures, legal and regulatory requirements ; - Participate in trainings scheduled /unscheduled according to learning testing programme; - Complies the requirements and conditions of: Employment contract, Collective Labor, Internal Regulations, norms, standards, and specific laws; - If requested, participate in research events on health and safety at work, emergency and environmental protection; receive the information required by the Representatives of control; - Complete Employment contract for new employees; - Establishes and maintains the register of employees in electronic form (Revisal) and transmits it online to ITM ; - Prepares forms of employment, obtain documents and documents necessary personnel records; - Keep track of all employees; provide the necessary data management software product TotalSoft- Charisma, Employee Connect-People Soft; - Prepares certificates at the request of ex-employees of the company; - Controls the accuracy of the data included in documents in the archive company for preparation of certificates; - Register documents in the entry-exit register of department; - Prepares and edits: certificates, various forms, addresses required for the department and company; - Enter in the database the information taken from: collective timesheets, medical certificates, holidays, holiday bonuses; Calculate the salaries of staff, print the payment arrears and the payslips for current month. Ensure proper management of data included in the database; - Prepares monthly accounting notes, payroll, expense management summary for various departments. - It deals with the transfer of salaries to employees; - Prepares the required bank statements related to the staff card accounts; - Prepares monthly statements CAS, CASS, ITM and unemployment in terms of the law; - Prepares tax records related to tax annual income (FF1), in accordance with the legislation in force; - Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual statistical situations; - Responsible for the accuracy of data there are on payroll; - Responsible for the correctness of data entered in the summary of monthly salaries and the annexes. - Responsible for the accuracy of the data included in the tax records; - Responsible for the correct operational procedures and process their human resources; - Responsible for acquiring and applying knowledge gained from training scheduled / unscheduled; - Responsible for compliance with the requirements included in the company\\\'s internal documents; - Responsible for receiving and centralizing documents. the accuracy of the information provided; - Responsible for filing incoming documents in their delivery service and the company\\\'s archive (on schedule); - Responsible for the appropriate storage and archiving personal documents found in the archive service. - Responsible for managing data TotalSoft - Charisma, PeopleSoft; - Responsible for the accuracy of the data included in certificates or other documentation;


Essential: University degree, minimum 5 years experience, specialized training /qualifications, observant, dynamic, efficient, good knowledge of human behavior, knowledge of English; - Endorse the content of any documents to confirm that they drafted; - Represents Company by the delegation of powers granted; - Collaborate with all departments in the company specific HR activities;


-multinational environment -competitive salary