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Firm Name: Not available
Job Domain: Petroleum Engineers
Active from: August 23rd, 2013
Until: August 31st, 2013


1. Prepare drilling and workover programs to achieve the objectives specified in the FDO (D) Well Prognosis or Workover Proposal. The programs shall be prepared in accordance with the DRM Policies Standards and Procedures and shall include: casing setting depths, bit types, logging, hydraulic, mud program, deviation and well trajectory and wellhead designs. Review offset well data for potential drilling problems such as kicks, lost circulation, deviation control and slow drilling rates. 2. Ensure that HSE considerations are given the highest priority at the well design and program stages. Use risk and hazard management techniques to ensure that all significant risks are eliminated or controlled. Contribute to HSE management at the rig site through visible HSE leadership and an unrelenting commitment to achieving a safe working environment. 3. Monitor and support the operations on the assigned rig (on call 24 hours a day) and manage any required changes in the drilling program in accordance with the Management of Change procedures detailed in the DRM - Volume 2 Chapter 5. Maintain frequent contact with the Drilling Supervisor, FDO (D) Geologist and all Service Companies. 4. Review the draft well and workover proposals prepared by the FDO (D) Engineers to ensure they are optimised in terms of operational considerations. 5. Arrange for required drilling services such as cementing, logging, coring, casing and liner services, mud engineering and ensure all contractors are up-to-date on the progress of the drilling operations and when their services are required. 6. Request, reviews and analyzes lab results of mud chemical and cement slurry designs prior to providing for use in the well. 7. Provide rig site engineering support for special operations such as: casing cementation, remedial cementation, well killing, well control and lost circulation situations. 8. Prepare the final well drilling, workover and completion reports in accordance with DRM Volume 5 Chapter 12 - Supervision and Reporting. Additional reports include, but not limited to: Success and Failures; Well Cost; and Mud Engineer Recap. 9. Collect data and prepare the key performance indicators for all wells drilled on assigned rigs and use the indicators to improve performance on a continuous basis. 10. Support and train new Qatari engineers as required.


1. Wells and designed and programmed in accordance with DRM standards and procedures, however detailed engineering analysis is required to ensure that specific well designs are appropriate and correct for the particular sub surface conditions. 2. Rigorous follow-up is required during the execution phase to ensure correct interpretation of well conditions and to adjust the program as required to avoid well problems and to ensure that all well objectives are achieved as efficiently as possible. 3. Engineering analysis is required to verify pressure predictions and to design the correct drilling and completion fluid systems to successfully drill or workover the well and to avoid pressure control problems. 4. Specific cementation designs are required to provide the required well integrity and to avoid cross flow or annulus pressures. Such problems can have a significant impact on production performance, well cost and well integrity. 5. Work requires an analytical approach and the use of the latest drilling engineering software packages to ensure that complex wells are designed correctly. 6. Evaluating the risk and mitigating risk (as such stuck-pipe or well control events) is of paramount importance and requires expert knowledge in risk management tools 7. Resolution of drilling problems such as: the loss of primary well control, stuck pipe, borehole instability and directional problems are an important part of the job. Resolving these operational problems in a safe and efficient manner requires both technical knowledge, and operational experience to fully appreciate the risks involved and the potential solutions. 8. Detailed operational planning and attention to detail during the execution of the work is required to ensure trouble free operations. This involves coordinating with multiple Services Companies and the Drilling Contractor personnel and Drilling Superintendent. 9. Analytical thinking combined with extensive \"\'hands-on\" experience is required to resolve day to day operational problems in a safe and efficient manner. 10. Decision making and coordination is required on a 24 hour per day in an operational environment characterized by high cost and high risk. This demands a systematic approach to problem solving, careful planning and clear communication. 11. The position requires daily contact with the Drilling Supervisor, Operations Engineer (Rigless) and Logistics Supervisor as well as frequent contact with counterparts in FD (Geologist, Reservoir Engineer and Production Technologist) for well objective drilling sequence review and planning. Interfacing is also necessary with Budget Planning & Contracts Engineers for resolving problems related to contracting and budget issues. Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience 1. BSc. (3-4 year) Engineering Degree from an accredited University. (Petroleum Engineering preferred) 2. IWCF certification (Supervisor Level). 3. Minimum of 10 years Drilling Operations Engineering experience with an Operating Company (including 2 years of well site operations and 5 years with an IOC). 4. Skill in well design, tubular design, completions, wellbore construction, drilling fluids, well control, and a good understanding of geology. 5. Fully conversant with and ability to use drilling engineering software such as: Compass; Well Plan; Stress Check and Casing Seat or similar commercially available programs. 6. Excellent verbal and written skills in English. 7. Energy and enthusiasm for delivering outstanding performance and going above and beyond normal expectations. 8. Ability to make the correct operational decisions based on systematic analysis with rigorous attention to detail.


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