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Personnel Leasing

The main purpose of the personnel leasing solutions offered by ARC is to take overĀ  the monthly administrative burdens related to salaries and payroll requirements from your shoulders, thus allowing you to focus on your core business.
We bring significant time and cost savings to your business, especially when you need:

  • temporary employees for particular projects
  • replacement of people on medical leave, holiday, or maternity leave
  • staff cuts

Under the Leasing Agreement , we are responsible for:

  • Concluding and registering the individual labor contracts with local authorities in due time;
  • Calculating and retaining of the personnel income tax and other tax contributions owed by the employee;
  • Calculation and payment of sick leave, paid annual leave or other types of leave;
  • Calculation of all applicable allowances, such as children allowance, and all applicable deductions;
  • Calculation and execution of payments on Employees’ take home salaries and paying in due time the taxes retained from the employees to the legal destinations;
  • Calculation and payment of taxes owed by the company (social security tax, work accident and professional sickness contribution, unemployment tax, health contribution, labor books commission and other compulsory taxes and contributions stipulated by the law);
  • Centralizing all the expenses and the due taxes (payroll) for each individual;
  • Preparing the individuals flyers for the monthly payment of salaries;
  • Issuing the yearly personnel income tax statement and sending the respective reports to the authorities;
  • Concluding the modifications to the individual labor contracts and registering with the local authorities in due time;
  • Keeping and updating of payroll and personnel database for the leased employees
  • Issuing the confirmation letters to the employees with any payroll information, as required;
  • Preparing the monthly declarations regarding the social security contributions, the medical fund contributions and  all other declarations related salaries requested by the law;
  • Performing the work medicine controls at the beginning of the contract as well as the periodical ones for each of the employees;
  • Delivering the initial work protection training , fire protection training and HSE Procedures according to legal requirements.